Cloud Database platform for WCAI (2013)

  • Controls AWS instances with MySql Databases, and stores large data files on S3. Allows researchers to connect to the databases and download datafiles without having to understand the underlying architecture of AWS
  • Multiple permission levels, email reminders, and organizational features
  • Tests written in cucumber and rspec

Senior Design Project (2013)

  • Project to analyze the readability of text by polling users on Mechanical Turk.
  • Created a model to determine the readability of a foreground color on a given background.
  • About 5,000 surveys and 300,000 comparisons were analyzed.

RubyMotion Calculator (2013)

  • Calculator written in RubyMotion for iOS.
  • Used to teach a class on RubyMotion and test driven development.
  • Tried using Pixate to simplify design.

Penn CS Jobs (2013)

  • A job board excusively for Penn computer science students.
  • The purpose is to help students find interviews with companies that other CS students believe are credible.
  • Focused on improving my design skills using the foundation framework.

Skein Word Tracking (2013)

  • Used to create a rainbow table for the Skein Hash
  • For solving a hash related to this XKCD comic
  • The question is displayed here
  • Stores the hash as 16 longs to allow for easy bitwise comparisons.

Emailr (2012)

  • Built at the Fall 2012 PennApps hackathon.
  • A social network built inside email.
  • Uses SendGrid to process emails.
  • Won Sendgrid prize.

P2PSearch (2012)

  • An open source distributed search engine built in java over FreePastry.
  • Crawler, PageRank (Hadoop), Parser (NLTK), Distributed Storage (BerkeleyDB, Pastry).

Scheduler (2012)

  • Built at the Spring 2012 CMU hackathon.
  • Schedules time to study into an existing iCal given constraints.

GameUp (2011)

  • Built an iPhone app for social networking during sporting events.
  • Not compatiable with iOS 6

Ambiance (2011)

  • Awarded Second place of 30 teams and $1000 cash prize in PennApps Mobile Hackathon 2011.
  • Written natively for the iPhone, Droid, and Windows Phone 7.
  • Allowed users to upload pictures, audio files, or text and tie it to a Foursquare Location.

Maplus (2010)

  • Third Place and Sponsored prize totaling $1000 cash in the PennApps Hackathon 2010.
  • Web and iPhone app allowing users to see if friends are attending an event and buy a ticket.
  • Backend runs an adsorption algorithm in Hadoop to recommend new bands for users.

Comma,Dot. (2010)

  • Won first place in the Tecathon competition.